Brief introduction of the barrel water filling machine


QGF barrel water filling machine is the core equipment for 3-gallon and 5-gallon barreled drinking water production line. The barrel water filling production line is an ideal equipment for the production of mineral water, distilled water and purified water. The output of 100-2000 barrels per hour can be designed according to the needs of users.

barrel water filling machine

The barrel water filling equipment is an integrated machine for washing, filling and capping. It adopts cylinder head, and the valve has cap reflux function. The design of the cover bin has an hour’s output. The flushing pressure is displayed. The product water must be 316 pipe fittings. The internal flushing pressure is not less than 0.28mpa, the time is not less than 16 seconds, and the external stamping force is about 0.2MPa. Alkali solution and disinfectant solution have heating device respectively.

Features of Barrel Water Filling Machine

1. The main electrical components are Siemens and Omron products, and the air circuit components are AIRTAC products.

2.Both the inside and outside nozzles of the washing barrel are imported from the unique technical equipment of the American spray company.

3.The barrel water filling equipment is compact in structure, high in efficiency, stable and reliable in operation, sensitive and correct in action and high in automation. It is a full-automatic barreling equipment with mechanical and electrical Trinity.

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