Can Filling Production Line
Can Filling Production Line

The can filling machine is an automatic filling and capping filling equipment developed and produced by Planet Machinery absorbing advanced domestic and foreign technologies. The can filling production line has the characteristics of stable operation, good sealing quality, beautiful appearance, convenient use and maintenance, touch screen operation, and frequency conversion speed adjustment.

The can filling equipment is suitable for carbonated drinks, juice drinks, beer, energy drinks and soda water. Planet Machinery specializes in the production of canning machinery manufacturers, providing a complete cans production line for small and medium-sized beverage machinery factories.

Can Filling Production Line

Model PMGF12-1 PMGF18-6 PMGF24-6 PMGF32-8 PMGF40-10
Can size Depends customer Depends customer Depends on customer Depends on customer Depends on customer
Filling Temperature 0-4℃ 0-4℃ 0-4℃ 0-4℃ 0-4℃
Filling head 12 18 24 32 40
Capping Head 1 6 6 8 10
Capacity(cans/h) 1000-2000 4000-6000 5000-8000 8000-10000 12000

Can Filling Production Line

Can Filling Production Line

Filling Part

Maximum CO2 content: 5.0g/L
Filling pressure : (CO2) 0.15~0.4Mpa
Filling method :Isobaric pressure type
Filling valve center diameter : Ф2760
Filling valve distance: 117mm
Belt height: 1150~1300mm
Filling temperature: 0-4°C

Can Filling Production Line

Capping Part

Capping head material: 9Cr18
Clam head life: ≥ 240 million cans (aluminum cans)
Single head : ≥ 30 million cans
Sealing loss: ≤ 10,000 parts, no damage to the tank
Cover loss : ≤ 10,000

Can Filling Production Line

Conveyor Belt

Straight conveying system through the feet stand on the ground, the motor installed on the conveyor system side. Each motor with reducer and can adjust the speed. Filling the bottle, packaging via conveyor system platform, convenient and quick.

Whole Line Solution of Can Filling Production Line

Can Filling Production Line

Cans Destacker

Can Filling Production Line

1. PLC control of the whole machine, fully automatic operation
2. Adapt to various stack types and bottle types, easy to adjust
3. Segmented transmission with high-quality conveyor chain, the output section can be arbitrarily lengthened
4. Using 304 material, the whole machine is beautiful and elegant


Spray Sterilizing Chiller

Can Filling Production Line

Including local control cabinet and electrical control device
1. Mainly for cooling and sterilization
2. The main parts of the machine are made of stainless steel, the top is designed to be openable for easy maintenance and observation
3. Nozzles are manufactured using U.S. technology and spray water evenly
4. Conveyor belt adopts Rexnor technology, flat surface with small wear


Labeling Machine

Water Filling Production Line
  • ◆ Heat shrink sleeve labeling machine
  • ◆ OPP Hot melt labeling machine
  • ◆ PVC label stick labeling machine

It adopts double driving structure which is a new and advanced driving device for the thermal shrink sleeve machine, that is, four-wheel driving, self-centering and balanced pressure of four wheels. It can achieve the good effect of transmission of labels smoothly, stably and rapidly.

  • Water Filling Production Line
  • Water Filling Production Line
  • Water Filling Production Line
  • Water Filling Production Line


Bottle Shrink Wrapping Machine

Water Filling Production Line
  • ◆ PE film shrink wrapping machine
  • ◆ Half-tray shrink wrapping machine
  • ◆ Carton box packaging machine

It adopts the photoelectric sensor to detect online, gather signals which are controlled by PLC, and adopts piston as executable element, to realize product conveying, combination, film wrapping, cutting, heat& shrink, cool and finally get the finished product.

  • Water Filling Production Line
  • Water Filling Production Line
  • Water Filling Production Line
  • Water Filling Production Line

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