Filling operation mode of filling machine


At present, the filling operation mode of high-speed filling machine is generally arranged in a straight line or rotary tracking multi head filling. The stopper mechanism generally uses vacuum suction plug, linear type plug, and the host can be stepless speed regulation.

Small capacity liquid filling machine also has interchangeability requirements, requiring the machine in a very short period of time, to replace the minimum specification of parts, can make 2ml, 5ml, 7ml, 10ml tube bottles on one machine to complete filling and plugging, and the linear filling machine can meet the requirements of interchangeability.

There are four basic types of liquid filling machines according to the filling and measuring methods: volumetric glass pump, peristaltic pump, metal / ceramic piston metering pump and time pressure method. The former two measurement methods have been widely used by many domestic manufacturers, while the latter two are less used.

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