Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
This extrusion blow molding machine can help you to make the Volume from 1L to 500Liter in the bottle. jerrycan, and drum. Mainly produces by HDPE, PP material. It’s widely used in beverage and industry to make plastic containers.

You can have different options like single station, double station, single head, multi heads, view strip, single layer, multi-layers, auto-deflashing function and so on.

We can make the most suitable configuration according to your requirement in you new project.
Product introduction
  • 12L 16L Automatic Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines
    This machine is a double station machine, and suitable for producing high quality containers with high output.
    It specializes in the manufacture of PE\PP\PVC\TPU PETG containers of up to 16L, with from one to six fold die head, for use in the packaging of petroleum, cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, toys and auto-part.
  • Many-layer Fully-automatic Extrusion Blow Moulding Machines
    5-layer,double head, four head, fully auto extrusion blow molding machine.

    This machine fused multilayer co-extrusion, PLC electro-hydraulic proportional and frequency conversion and others advanced technology, with high robotization, fast and stably operation, and high productivity.
  • PC-Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
    This machine are composed by clamping structure, die head, extrusion system, hydraulic
    system, Frame, pneumatic system, cooling system, bottom blow device,electric system, parison controller and so on.

    And the take out products device can be chosen by customer.
  • Extrusion mold
    By experienced engineers, mold design, mold material imported manufactured with excellent cooling effect, but also includes efficient automatic production machine with the necessary accessories, such as inflatable rods, deputy dies, deburring devices.
  • Product advantages
  • Economical equipment, low cost, suitable for customers who do not invest much and are new to the industry.
  • Unique dual protection of the clamping frame: one is that the guide rail is equipped with safety threshold electronic components, and the other is that there is a mechanical limit block at the end of the guide rail to prevent the clamping arm from falling off.
  • The inside of the die is finely processed, the runner is smooth and there is no dead-angle material accumulation, and the professional analysis software measures the smoothness of the die runner to ensure that the two walls of the runner are smooth and delicate.
  • Optimize the design of hydraulic oil circuit, save electricity, fast action and convenient parameter adjustment.
  • The frequency conversion speed regulating extrusion motor can adapt to the requirements of the blow molding process for the change of the screw speed.
  • According to product characteristics, different die heads can be set for customers to choose.
  • Using the central oil cylinder structure of the back plate, the clamping force is strong and even
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