America 6000CPH Cans Production Line
Time: 2022-05-19
Line Information:12000CPH Cans Production Line
Project Location:America
Project Description: Cans Production Line

Year of Installation: 2019-04

Line information: 12000CPH CSD Can production line

Year of Installation: 2019-04

Line information: 6000BPH Vodka production line

Viist cusomer's factory 

USA 易拉罐和酒灌装线_1.jpg

Customer products

USA 易拉罐和酒灌装线_2.jpg

Customer plant investigation

USA 易拉罐和酒灌装线_3.jpg

Discuss line design together

USA 易拉罐和酒灌装线_4.jpg


USA 易拉罐和酒灌装线_5.jpg

Customer's factory installation

USA 易拉罐和酒灌装线_6.jpg

USA 易拉罐和酒灌装线_7.jpg

Cusomter's products

USA 易拉罐和酒灌装线_8.jpg

USA 易拉罐和酒灌装线_9.jpg

Liberia 1000BPH water production line
USA 6000cph cans filling line