Liberia multiple CSD filling production lines
Time: 2022-05-19
Line Information:8000BPH CSD filling production line
Project Location:Liberia
Project Description: CSD filling production line

8000BPH PET CSD Drinks production line (2020)

12000CPH CSD Can production line (2020)

4000BPH PET CSD Drinks production line (2019)

5000BPH Liquor production line (2021)

10000BPH PET Bottle Water production line (2021)

Customer visiting

利比里亚 8000BPH含气线_1.jpg

Bottle and label design

利比里亚 8000BPH含气线_11.jpg

Factory inspection

利比里亚 8000BPH含气线_2.jpg


利比里亚 8000BPH含气线_3.jpg

Filling machine Installation complete

利比里亚 8000BPH含气线_4.jpg

利比里亚 8000BPH含气线_5.jpg

Blowing machine installation complete

利比里亚 8000BPH含气线_6.jpg

Shrink wrapper installation complete

利比里亚 8000BPH含气线_7.jpg

With our installation engineer

利比里亚 8000BPH含气线_8.jpg

Customer products

利比里亚 8000BPH含气线_10.jpg

利比里亚 8000BPH含气线_9.jpg

Liberia 1000BPH water production line