3-10L Big bottled water filling production line
The bottled water filling production line produced by Planet Machinery based on good stability, easy operation and supports customization. The water filling equipment is suitable for 5L-10L PET bottles mineral water, drinking water, pure water etc. Different models water filler can satisfy various requirement of output from 500BPH to 5000BPH.

The water filling machine combines washing, filling and capping function with fully automatic process, using the gravity or micro pressure filling ways, make the speed is faster and more stable, so with the same model Planet Machinery's water filling production line output is higher and more efficient.

The complete water production line produced by Planet Machinery includes mineral water filling line, pure water production line, drinking water filling line, spring water filling line.
  • Industry : Bottled water industry
  • Filling material : Still water, Mineral water
  • Packaging container : PET bottle
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    NO.NameTYPERated capacity 5LNeck DiameterSmallest bottle type(mm)Largest bottle type(mm)
    diameter heightdiameter height
    1Water line-Three in oneCGF12-12-4120036120180120180
    2Water line-Three in oneCGF16-16-5200036120180170380
    3Water line-Three in oneCGF16-20-5300036120180170380
    4Water line-Three in oneCGF16-25-5400036120180170380
    5Water line-Three in oneCGF20-30-5500036120180170380

    Solution Highlights
    "Liquid packaging machinery from A-Z"

    Your system from Planet 

    —— The entire production process from one source. 

    Water Treatment System

    The water treatment system is used in Mineral water and other bottled water, water for food and beverage production.

    Blow Molding System

    Blow molding system is characterized by its reasonable structure, lower power consumption, good stability, flexible blowing process and simple operation, especially on the production of drinking water, carbonated beverage and other common PET bottles, as well as heat-resistant bottle, mid-temperature PET bottle, sterile cold PET bottle.

    Rinsing-Filling-Capping Monoblock

    Here you can choose the best machine for your line.

    Labelling System
    Filled Bottle Packaging System
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  • Complete solution
    In Planet Machinery you can find complete solution for your ideal liquid packaging production, not only various packaging machinery but also production line building advisory service.
  • Rich industry experience
    Our experienced engineer support you from bottle design, line speed selection, line setting up, installation and commssioning, onsite training, and after sales service.
  • Affordable price
    We know it's not easy to open a new business, so we try our best to provide a quality products and service with a cost-effective price.
  • Fast delivery and installation
    We design our machine and line in a simple and reliable way so that it's easy to install and save time on the production. Usually machine production time can up to 30days and production line up to 60days.
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