Carbonated Soft Drink (CSD) PET Filling Production Line
The carbonated beverage filling production line produced by Planet Machinery has good stability, easy operation and supports customization. The carbonated beverage filling equipment is suitable for PET bottles with various capacities and shapes. We can provide complete beverage smart ​solution - blowing. filling. packing for PET bottle.Cola, Sprite, Soda, speaking water, cocktail, flavored water...the variety of carbonated beverage.

The carbonated beverage filling machine adopts iso-pressure (iso-barometric) filling technology is adopted enabling it to fill more efficiently and more stably with more output than the machine of the same level from others. The isostatic filling machine generally maintains a certain filling pressure in the storage tank. When the container to be filled enters the filling machine, the container is first Inflated, the gas can be compressed air or carbon dioxide gas, preferably carbon dioxide gas. When the pressure in the container and the pressure in the storage tank are the same, the self-weight of the liquid is filled through the open filling valve. During the filling process, the gas in the container is smoothly exported and returned to the storage tank or to the gas chamber.
  • Industry : Bottled CSD Drinks industry
  • Filling material : CSD Beverages
  • Packaging container : PET bottle
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    Production Capacity:500ml(B/H)300050007000100001400017000
    Filling precision≤±3mm
    Suitable bottleRound or square shaped bottle
    PET BottleBottle Diameter:Ф50~Ф100   Bottle Height:150mm~330mm
    Suitable Cap StandardPlastic Screw Cap
    Rinsing Pressure(MPa)0.2~0.25
    Water Consumption of Rinsing(Kg/h)6007001500180025003000
    Air Pressure(MPa)0.4
    Air Consumption(m3/min)
    Total Power(Kw)
    Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)2260×1600×23502350×1900×23503300×2300×24004100×2850×24004250×3200×24005750×3750×2400
    Total Weight(Kg)280030005000650080009000

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    "Liquid packaging machinery from A-Z"

    Your system from Planet 

    —— The entire production process from one source. 

    Water Treatment System

    The water treatment system is used in Mineral water and other bottled water, water for food and beverage production.

    CSD Beverages Treatment System
    Blow Molding System

    Blow molding system is characterized by its reasonable structure, lower power consumption, good stability, flexible blowing process and simple operation, especially on the production of drinking water, carbonated beverage and other common PET bottles, as well as heat-resistant bottle, mid-temperature PET bottle, sterile cold PET bottle.

    Rinsing-Filling-Capping Monoblock

    Here you can choose the best machine for your line.

    Labelling System
    Filled Bottle Packaging System
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  • Complete solution
    In Planet Machinery you can find complete solution for your ideal liquid packaging production, not only various packaging machinery but also production line building advisory service.
  • Rich industry experience
    Our experienced engineer support you from bottle design, line speed selection, line setting up, installation and commssioning, onsite training, and after sales service.
  • Affordable price
    We know it's not easy to open a new business, so we try our best to provide a quality products and service with a cost-effective price.
  • Fast delivery and installation
    We design our machine and line in a simple and reliable way so that it's easy to install and save time on the production. Usually machine production time can up to 30days and production line up to 60days.
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