Rotary PET Blow molding system
R series is the most stable two-step fully automatic high-speed rotary PET stretch-blow moulding machines(reheat). The capacity of the products is from 0.25L to 2.0L. It can blow pet bottles for different use: carbonated, mineral water, milk, beer, oil, hot filling tea, and other drink packing containers, which is made of plastic of crystalline type, such as PET, PP etc.
R series has adopted original heating and blowing technics, by which the automatic blowing machine series have achieved in powerful productivity but very reasonable price.
For Cold Filling For Hot FillingFor Cold Filling For Hot FillingFor Cold Filling For Hot FillingFor Cold Filling For Hot FillingFor Cold Filling For Hot Filling
Max.height of preformmm145145145145145145145145145145
Max.height of bottlemm320320250250320320320320250250
380V 50HZ380V 50HZ380V 50HZ380V 50HZ380V 50HZ380V 50HZ380V 50HZ380V 50HZ380V 50HZ380V 50HZ
Installation powerkw333344445.55.5
Oven installation powerkw108108112112216216216216250250
Elevator powerkw1.
Actual total powerkw37533855701037010382120
Blowing pressureMpa3.8~4.03.8~4.03.8~4.03.8~4.03.8~4.03.8~4.03.8~4.03.8~4.03.8~4.03.8~4.0
Blowing air fluxm3/min616820102412301638
Working air pressureMpa0.
Working air fluxm3/min6677777788
Eigible rate%99.899.899.899.899.899.899.899.899.899.8
Dimension of main machinemxmxm2.2x1.8x2.92.2x1.8x2.92.2x1.8x2.52.2x1.8x2.52.3x3.15x3.12.3x3.15x3.12.3x3.15x3.12.3x3.15x3.12.3x3.15x2.62.3x3.15x2.6
Dimension of ovenmxmxm2.7x1.0x1.92.7x1.0x1.93.2x1.0x1.93.2x1.0x1.93.9x1.03x23.9x1.03x23.9x1.03x23.9x1.03x23.9x1.03x23.9x1.03x2

Product introduction
  • Preform feeding and loading unit
    The design of the recycling unit prevents the preforms from getting bound up in the unscrambler. The star wheel design of the feeding unit provides the lowest possible changeover times for switching to different perform sizes.
  • Linear Oven
A mandrel capable of turning 180 degrees guarantees uniform neck section during the heating. A unique oven ventilation system enables the R series blower to handle various difficult applications easily.
  • Blowing Station
    A changeable cam for the stretching curve guider guarantees the form quality for different size bottles. Monobloc blowing valves achieve the fastest and most consistent blowing process possible. Bottle necks are protected during the blowing stage by a specially designed sealing unit.
  • Product advantages
  • New auto preform unscrambler & heating system
  • The transmission adopts servomotor for positioning that can orientate the preform-heating base quickly, accurately and steadily when the machine starts and running
  • Servo technology innovation on clamping system & stretching
  • Easy to change bottle shape in short time
  • Intelligent human-machine interface control, easy operate and monitor
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