Hot Melt Glue Labeling Machine
The hot melt glue labeling machine produced by Planet Machinery is applied for decorating containers with wrap-round, reel-fed labels. The labeling machine has a linear design with a precisely operating labeling station which cuts film or paper labels and then uses hotmelt to glue them to the containers. As far as efficiency, accuracy and speed are concerned. The labeling machine is suitable for PET mineral water bottles, drinking water bottles, beverage bottles, juice bottles, tea beverage bottles, etc.
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Maximum bid speed


Labeling accuracy


Maximum width of tag


Maximum tag length


Label type

OPP Hot Melt adhesive, just in the label at both ends of the glue

Labeling product type

Suitable for plastic, metal and glass round bottle

Product introduction
  • Tray of bottles
    Position the mold , fix the bottle.
  • Indenter
    Bottle pressing mould, pressing and positioningthe bottle.
  • Infeed & outfeed of bottle group
    The containers conveyed by the conveyor belt will be
    separated by the screw according to the pitch of the star wheel and sent to the corresponding star whee station.
  • Infeed of Glue mechanism
    Apply glue to both ends of the label.
  • Label station
    Set the required temperature of the rubber tank, rubber roller, and scraper according to the requirements.
  • Turn plate of label
    For installing label rolls and supplying labels with a certain range of tension.
  • Drum for labels
    Use the vacuum principle to suck the label for gluing and
  • Drum of knives
    Cut off the label.
  • Product advantages
  • The speed flexible, can be adjusted to 36,000 bottles per hour.
  • Rotary design, compact structure, beautiful shape, and material specification- anti-acid/alkali stainless steel wrapped.
  • The hot melt glue labeling equipment is simple and quick to change configuration Component and different containers and labels.
  • The hot melt glue labeling equipment adopted automatic helicoid conveying bottle device which has large operation space. The container can complete the adjustment of multi gesture at one time. The device of adjusting brush plate is very simple.
  • The hot melt glue labeling equipment is simple and convenient maintenance.
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