Carbonated drinks pre-treatment system
Planet Machinery's carbonated drinks pre-treatment system has high efficiency, high degree of automation and easy operation. The mixing ratio of water and syrup is strictly controlled by a fine-tuning metering device; CO2 pressure is controlled accurately and liquid level control is stable;
All parts in contact with beverage materials (such as containers, pipes, etc.) are made of high-quality stainless steel, and the inner and outer surfaces are precision polished, which fully meets the requirements of international food hygiene standards.
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Product introduction
  • Steam syrup melting machine
    Double filter
    Plate exchange with recycling pump
    1. Application: Melting syrup
    2. heating type: steam or electricity
    3. Raw material: SS304
  • Mixing Tank
    1. Application: mixing syrup, concentrate, water, flavor ingredients etc,
    2. Heating type: steam or electricity
    3. Raw material:SS304
  • CSD Drinks Mixing Machine
    1. Application: Dissolve CO2 into drinks.
    2. Carbonation: maximum 4 bar, like Coca Cola.
    3. Mixing temperature: 0-4℃
  • Water Chiller
    1. Application: making cold water.
    2. Cooling type: screw type
    3. Cooling material: R22
  • CIP (Cleaning In Place)System
    1. application: using acid liquid,alkali liquid and pure water to clean the pipe system and filling machine etc.
    2. Heating type: steam heating
    3. Automation: Full-automatic, PLC control
  • Product advantages
  • The quality, accuracy and repeatability of the finished product meet the highest quality standards
  • Due to the arrangement of the material tank, the structure is extremely compact
  • CO2 online batching system with flow meter
  • The start and stop of the mixer will not lead to loss of syrup and product (for example, when changing the flavor or at the end of batch production)
  • Logistics is extremely simple: the machine can be packaged in containers, and installation and commissioning are fast
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