Carbonated Soft Drink Filling Machine
The carbonated drink filling line produced by Planet Machinery has good stability, easy operation and supports customization. Suitable for PET bottles with various capacities and shapes. The carbonated drink filling machine can fill carbonated beverage, soft drink, soda etc.
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Production Capacity:500ml(B/H)300050007000100001400017000
Filling precision≤±3mm
Suitable bottleRound or square shaped bottle
PET BottleBottle Diameter:Ф50~Ф100   Bottle Height:150mm~330mm
Suitable Cap StandardPlastic Screw Cap
Rinsing Pressure(MPa)0.2~0.25
Water Consumption of Rinsing(Kg/h)6007001500180025003000
Air Pressure(MPa)0.4
Air Consumption(m3/min)
Total Power(Kw)
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)(mm)2260×1600×23502350×1900×23503300×2300×24004100×2850×24004250×3200×24005750×3750×2400
Total Weight(Kg)280030005000650080009000

Product introduction
  • Washing Part
    1.Into bottle way is air conveyor direct connection with Bottle dial
    2.All 304/316 stainless steel rinse heads, water spray style inject design, more save water consumption and more clean.
    3.304/316 Stainless steel Gripper with plastic pad, ensure minimal bottle crash during washing.
    4.304/316 stainless steel washing pump make the machine more durable.
  • Filling Part
    1.304/316 Stainless steel high precision filling nozzle.
    2.Filling volume adjustable in fine rank, same liquid level after filling.
    3.All 304/316 stainless steel contact parts & liquid tank, fine polish, no death corner, easy to clean.
    4.304/316 stainless steel filling pump.
    5.Efficient spray nozzle rinse thoroughly and save water for flushing.
  • Capping Part
    1.Place and capping system, electromagnetic capping heads, with burden discharge function, make sure minimum bottle crash during capping.
    2. All 304/316 stainless steel construction.
    3. No bottle no capping.
    4. Automatic stop when lack of bottle.
    5.Capping effect is stable and reliable ,Defective rate ≤0.2%.
  • Product advantages
  • 1. Integrate bottling washing, filling and capping into one.
  • 2. Including bottle infeed air conveyor, and outfeed conveyor and cap elevator.
  • 3. All parts that contact the bottle and liquid are made of stainless steel or food grade plastic material
  • 4. Bottles are rinsed internally and externally, No bottle, No Rinsing.
  • 5. Precise and Accurate GRAVITY filling valves give even filling in all bottles at the same level, No bottle, No filling.
  • 6. Magnetic capping head eliminates over-tightening of caps, No bottle, No capping.
  • 7. The carbonated beverage filling equipment adopts PLC control and friendly touch screen HMI interface.
  • 8. Adjustable speed by inverter.
  • 9. Fast and easy changeover to various bottle sizes.
  • 10. Unique design bottle neck suspend system makes bottle move smoothly.
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