Linear Type Film Shrink Wrapping Machine
WD-250A auto film wrapping machine is designed and manufactured based on the latest technology,for the demand of packing requirement of beverage production, as pure water,mineral water,juice,soft drink,etc. It is automatic wrapping, with shrink tunnel,packed perfectly.
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Packaging speed

16-20 Pcs/minute

Sealing and Cut Time/Temperature

0.5-1s / 180℃-260℃

Operating Power

TN-S 380V 35KW

Air Pressure


Air Consumption


Transfer Belt Dimension


Dimension For The Whole Unit

12000×1100×2100mm  (L×W×H)

Thermal Shrinkage Passage Dimension

2400×650×450mm  (L×W×H)

Max.Package Dimension

600×400×350mm  (L×W×H)

Product introduction
  • Automatic sorting conveyor system
    Automatic sorting conveyor system, which has the guiding separating stainless steel tube and the sorting plate making the bottles in standard roll for the wrapping purpose, to make sure that the group of bottles of 3 x 4, 4 x 6, or 2 x 6, 4 x 5 pcs of bottles in place for the wrapping need.
  • Automatic PE membrane processing part
    Automatic PE membrane processing part, which contains the upper and lower roll-feed PE membrane system in place and equipped with automatic infra-red sensoring system for checking the group of bottles being ready for wrapping and cutting sealing, the whole process is to be done instantly by the PLC control system.
    The wrapped bottles will be pushed into the shrinking tunnel conveyor by the automatic pushing system, which pushes the wrapped bottle onto the conveyor of the shrinking tunnel.
  • Hot wind shrinking tunnel
    Automatic hot wind shrinking tunnel, the shrinking system is the separated part of the machine has the separated controlling unit for the temperature controlled by touch screen temperature controlling system.
  • Electrical part
    Touch screen control panel with PLC and electrical control system.
  • Product advantages
  • The film shrink wrapping equipment adopts PLC control,use,Korea and other international famous brands of electrical components,make the machine run more reliable and stable.
  • The use of pneumatic expansion support film roll, electronic sensor film delivery, sending film stable, fast and convenient for membrane.
  • Three sets of servo control system: The spindle, the upper film and the cutting film are all advanced servo control, which is accurate, stable and reliable.
  • The shrinking chamber adopts unique circulating air supply technology to realize multi-directional air volume control technology, the wind speed is adjustable, the position of the air outlet is adjustable, and the shrinking effect is greatly improved.
  • Heat shrinking and cooling machine, the shrinking machine is equipped with independent cooling channels, which can quickly cool the surface of the product after film packaging, and the fastening force is better, which is good for pallet handling.
  • The equipment is compact in structure, small in floor space and easy to maintain.
  • Can make the module to achieve additional color film function, a cost-effective single film shrink packaging machine.
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