Plastic Injection System
Planet Machinery Injection molding system includes injection molding machine, mold, robot arm, raw material feeding system, conveyor belt, chiller, air compressor, etc. Our solutions are designed for your individual needs and are composed of a wide range of product combinations.

These devices together constitute a complete and highly effective platform for collaborative work to help customers continuously improve productivity, profitability and competitiveness

Injection molding systems are to maximize productivity, minimize part variability and reduce maintenance to enable the lowest total cost to produce.
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Product introduction
  • Injection unit
    Big diameter screw and barrel, special design for products like PET preforms, caps and so on.

    The back pressure controlled by proportional valve which can controlled on the HMI screen.

    Large nozzle size which could inject more material at one time and reduce the injection time.
  • Clamping Unit
    Increased the thickness and strength of the platen to ensure the stable movement and reliability.

    Upgraded design the parameter for the second platen make its movement more stable
  • Servo motor technology
    Low power consumption

    Precision: Pressure sensor make the accuracy of servo hydraulic system reach 0.1bar.

    Fast react: It only takes 0.12s for the pressure and speed to reach maximum output.
  • Mold
    No cutting of valve gate is employed to reduce the labor cost.

    Reasonable-designed cold water channels increase cooling
    effect and shorten the cycle time.
  • Drrying system
    Material loader
    Mold warmer
  • Auxcilary
    Air compressor
  • Solutions
    of interest
    of interest
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