L Type Film Shrink Wrapping Machine
PE film group packing machine is suitable for wrapping of such products as pop-top,mineral water,bottles,beer,drinks etc without bottom-tray ,working with PE shrink tunnel to pack the goods perfectly ,the whole producing process adopts the Germany advanced technology, and the main parts are imported from international famous companies ,Capability stable and using long-time.
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Outline dimension of the equipment:


The largest dimension of the wrappage:


Material of shrink film:


Thickness of shrink film:


The highest temperature of the heat shrink furnace: 

160-260  Can adjust freewill.

The maximum production per minute:

0-12 pakage

Equipment capacity: 


Actual power consumption:


Pressure request:


Equipment weight:


Machine reuired air pressure of the compressor:


Product introduction
  • Control System
    Touch screen,PLC control system advancedreliability of the equipemtn function.
    Circular wind machine ,resuarewell-proportioned temperature of the shrink furnace.
    Strong cooling system can reassurefinalize the design quickly.
  • Transport Unit
    Heat-fast Teflon transport net,transportsteady,high strength and stand wear and tear.
    Frequency conversion timing nettransportation structure.
  • Film Control
    Frequency control, secondary bottletransport device.
    Inductive switch control film length.
  • Adjustment
    The height of the conveyer belt can bemade according to the user,adustable range±50mm
    Bottle transport machine can satisfy thedirection of the user,it can prolong and shorten
  • Product advantages
  • It can connect with the filling line directly by conveyor system,All process from bottle feeding ,packing ,sealing ,cutting can works automatically
  • The whole set which are push bottle,heat sealing cutting adopt pneumatic structure.
  • Pterygoid stainless iron heating system,durability.
  • Satisfy the bear storage rack device of the short duration for the product,assure consecutive work for the production line.
  • Solutions
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