Juice Pre-treatment System
Juice beverage pretreatment system can be applied to dairy products, fruit and vegetable drinks, fruit juice, vegetable protein drinks, and other food industry, precision preparing and accurate measurement is according to the actual needs of customers.
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Product introduction
  • Steam syrup melting machine
    Double filter
    Plate exchange with recycling pump
    1. Application: Melting syrup
    2. heating type: steam or electricity
    3. Raw material: SS304
  • Mixing Tank
    1. Application: mixing syrup, concentrate, water, flavor ingredients etc,
    2. Heating type: steam or electricity
    3. Raw material:SS304
  • Warm Pot System and homogenizer
    1. Application: homogenizing / emulsifying liquids
    2. Pressure: 25 mpa
  • Plate Type UHT Sterilizer
    1. Application: sterilizer juice in short time, Preserve flavor
    2. Sterilization temperature: 115~135℃
    3. Automation: Full-automatic, PLC control
  • Tubular sterilizer
    1)Application: sterilizer juice in short time, Preserve flavor. Special for juice with grains.
    2)Sterilization temperature: 115~135℃
    3)Automation: Full-automatic, PLC control
  • Hot Water System
    1. Application: heating water supply
    2. Heating type: steam
    3. Automation: Full-automatic, PLC control
  • CIP (Cleaning In Place)System
    1. Application: using acid liquid, alkali liquid and pure water to clean the pipe system and filling machine etc.
    2. Heating type: steam heating
    3. Automation: Full-automatic, PLC control
  • Product advantages
  • The quality, accuracy and repeatability of the finished product meet the highest quality standards
  • Due to the arrangement of the material tank, the structure is extremely compact
  • The start and stop of the mixer will not lead to loss of syrup and product (for example, when changing the flavor or at the end of batch production)
  • Logistics is extremely simple: the machine can be packaged in containers, and installation and commissioning are fast
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