Can liquid level detection
The ray liquid level detector is a kind of liquid level detection instrument developed and produced by our company to reach the leading level. The instrument adopts nuclear technology, using the principle that the ray intensity changes with the position of the material surface after the low-energy photon source interacts with the measured substance to control the capacity of the filled liquid material. Due to its non-contact measurement method, it fundamentally solves the problem that the conventional weighing method cannot measure the capacity of filled liquid materials on the production line. Therefore, it is widely used in online detection of food and beverage.



Production speed of the whole machine

1800 cans per min

Production line conveyor belt linear speed


Host size and weight

780 mmx900mmx1930mm,40kg

Rejection rate of unqualified containers

≥ 99.9% (when the detection speed reaches 900/min)

Power consumption of the whole machine

≤ 250W

Container diameter

40mm ~ 120mm

 In-tank temperature

In the range of 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, it is not affected by temperature changes

Conditions of use

Relative humidity: ≤ 95%(40 ℃)

Power supply

~ 220v 20v, 50Hz

Product advantages
  • 1. Non-contact detection, fast detection speed and high accuracy.
  • 2. It can work in the variable speed state of the assembly line transmission belt, and is not limited by the speed stability of the transmission belt.
  • 3. The instrument has strong anti-interference ability, high reliability and good long-term stability.
  • 4. The number shows the cumulative number of qualified and unqualified cans (or bottles).
  • 5. Sound and light alarm at the same time, and automatically eliminate unqualified cans (or bottles).
  • 6. The instrument is equipped with inspection procedures and debugging procedures, and has the ability to automatically check faults.
  • 7. Stainless steel 304 and hard aluminum anodized materials are adopted, and the host and probe are integrated, thus making the instrument beautiful in appearance, convenient in installation and strong in environmental adaptability.
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