Vacuum Detection
The equipment is a high-speed online vacuum and pressure combination detection equipment, and its working principle is:
1. The vacuum probe emits high-energy electromagnetic waves and non-contact impact on the top cover of the container. The cover is impacted and emits sound. The sound has a certain proportional relationship with the vacuum degree in the container. The unique sound analysis method can achieve high accuracy and continuity.
2. When the container passes through the curved surface scanning probe, the probe continuously detects the distance between the probe and the cover and outputs a proportional analog voltage. The analog voltage passes through the data processing system to generate the shape quality value of the cover and is immediately fed back and eliminated.




700 × 650 × 1928mm

Adapt to conveying height



Stainless steel 304Ip65 waterproof grade

Rejection rate of unqualified containers

≥ 99.9%


RS-232/RS-484 longest (30 m/1219 m)

External power supply

AC220V/single phase



Detection speed 

1500 tank/min or conveyor belt ≤ 120 m/min

Reject gas consumption

~ 0.01L/time

External air source

> 0.5Mpa 

External air source interface

10mm outer diameter

External air source flow


Product advantages
  • The above detectors and rejects of our company can realize height and width adjustment, and have a height digital display, which is easy to operate. The internal program can store up to 10 kinds of product data, which can realize the detection and rejection of different tank types and bottle types on a production line.
  • The emergence of this equipment replaces tedious manual detection and avoids the occurrence of false detection and missed detection of manual detection. Realize on-line high-speed automatic vacuum detection, pressure detection, uncovered detection, large collapse tank detection, double cover detection, inverted tank detection, full expansion tank detection, reverse tank detection, etc.
  • Our product also has a unique continuous strike alarm prompt program, combined with network remote control (optional), to create the most accurate quality inspection system for customers.
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